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Welcome to my site.

I would like to introduce myself to you.

My name is Alex. I'm born in the late 50's and living with my wife in the south east of The Netherlands. After winning the so called "classic six" in a dutch call and win game, I started collecting whisky miniature bottles.

In the beginning I collected all kinds of whisky miniatures like, blends, bourbon's etc. After a while I decided to stop collecting these miniatures and concentrated only on Single Malts.

My collection contains now about 2650 miniatures from distilleries and independent bottlers. I have a particulair interest in Glen Grant miniatures.

Thanks for visiting my site. Please email me if you have any comment, suggestion's or question's.

I'm starting to republishing my pictures.
The ones that i took at the beginning of my colleting days,
are now replaced by new ones that i took over the last 5 months.
Starting with the Tullibardine and upwards to.......

Updated 11-02-2018

3 new Bowmore miniatures

Old Glens Extra (Springbank)

Glenfiddich u.s. import

Glenrothes 1991/2012

Kinninvie Batch 3

New Laphroaig
and a new Ardmore

Glenmorangie italien import

10 new miniatures from 
the Malts of Scotland.

Glenfiddich frence import

The new Tullibardine sovereign


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